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(Ready Stock) Sugar Glider U Shape Colorful Climbing Chain /(現貨)蜜袋鼯U型攀爬彩色鏈

RM 8.00

數量 Quantity :

1包 1 Pack

份量 Volume :

50顆顏色隨機 50 Pieces Random Colors

100顆顏色隨機 100 Pieces Random Colors

尺寸 Size :

16mm x 11mm

材質 Material :

亞克力 Acrylic

✅ 漂亮糖果色,適合裝飾。Elegant color suitable to make decorations.

✅ 可以自行配色扣成鏈條讓蜜蜜攀爬或搭配其他掛件。Able to make into chain for sugar glider to climb or hang with other sleeping accessories.

✅ 不怕生鏽。Avoid rusting problem.

✅ 耐髒耐咬。Suitable for bite and dirt resistance.