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(Ready Stock) Sugar Glider Short Toys With Cups (Buy 2 Free 1) / (現貨)蜜袋鼯短版杯子玩具(買二送一)

RM 10.00

數量 Quantity : 

1個 1 Unit

❤ 買二送一 Buy 2 Free 1❤

尺寸 Size :



Size might vary due to roughly measurement.

材質 Material:

食品級PP材質 Food Grade PP Material

PS材質 PS Material

塑料 Plastic

亞克力 Acrylic

✅ 適合比較矮小的籠子,讓懷孕的蜜蜜或蜜寶寶也有玩具可以玩。Suitable for shorter cage to let pregnant or baby sugar gliders play with.

✅ 杯子可以用來放乾零食讓蜜蜜可以邊玩邊吃。Can put some dry snack in the cup to let sugar gliders explore.

⚠️ 買二送一下單方式:下單選兩個喜歡的顏色號碼(RM20),然後在Checkout時候,在Remark註明送的玩具顏色號碼。如果沒有註明將會以隨機顏色送出唷。

⚠️ Buy 2 Free 1 Order : Place two of your favorite color order (RM20) then mention your favorite color of free toy in the remarks when you checkout. If you didn’t mention in remarks or inbox, we will ship the free toy color randomly.

⚠️ 有些特別愛咬的蜜蜜可能會咬破或咬碎杯子,請主人根據蜜蜜的情況慎拍!

⚠️ Please take note that some of the sugar glider likes to bite might cause the cups broken. Please take caution and consider before purchase.