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(Ready Stock) Sugar Glider S Size Outing Tent / (現貨)蜜袋鼯S碼外出蚊帳

RM 50.00

數量 Quantity : 

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

折疊尺寸 Folded Size:32cmL x 43cmH

展開尺寸 Opened Size:73cmL x 43cmH


Size might vary due to roughly measurement.

材質 Material:

牛津布 Oxford Fabric

✅ 結實構造,適合外出旅遊時,充當蜜蜜的籠子或放風蚊帳。Stronger structure, suitable to use as cage or tent time when you bring along your sugar glider travel.

✅ 可以折疊成小片,裝進行李箱。Can fold into small piece size and keep inside luggage.

✅ 旁邊一個小門,上方一個大門。One small door at side and one bigger door at top.

✅ 可以搭配圓地毯墊子,蜜蜜更舒服,也容易清理。Able to use with round mat inside for more comfort and cleaning easier.

⚠️ S碼主人無法進入陪玩。Owner not able to fit inside.

⚠️ 要非常注意愛咬的蜜蜜,是有可能把網片咬破的!Some sugar gliders that like to bite, please take caution due the net might torn!