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(Ready Stock) Sugar Glider S Size Carrier Bed / (現貨)蜜袋鼯小型外出盒床

RM 40.00

⚠️ 不包括外出盒,如果要找圖內外出盒請私訊我們。Price only for bedding, please inbox us for the carrier link.

數量 Quantity : 

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

23cmL x 15cmW x 9cmH 


Size might vary due to handmade.

布料 Fabric:

珊瑚絨 Coral Fleece

✅ 適合搭配小型外出盒或放在籠子内當睡床。Suitable for S Size Carrier or use as bedding in cage.

✅ 舒服保暖。Warm and comfortable.

✅ 適合1-3隻蜜蜜。Suitable 1-3 sugar gliders.

⚠️ 珊瑚絨屬於保暖布料,請避免在大熱天或高溫的情況下使用。Do not use in hot weather or high temperature place due coral fleece is thicker for keep warm.