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(Ready Stock) Japan Iris Brand Sugar Glider Outing Box with Drinking Bottle / (現貨)日本愛麗絲蜜袋鼯附水瓶外出盒

RM 45.00

數量 Quantity : 

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

26cmL x 17cmW x 18.5cmH

材質 Material :

PP樹脂 PP Resin

✅ 内附水瓶。Interior with water bottle.

✅ 可以搭配外出盒床使用,請接洽客服。Able to use with outing box bedding. May chat with us.

✅ 適合攜帶2-3只小蜜外出。Suitable to fit and bring 2-3 sugar gliders outing.

⚠️ 水瓶裝水後,沒有喂水的時候,瓶口朝上避免漏水。If the bottle fill with water and not ready to feed, the feeding side shall face up to avoid leaking.