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(Ready Stock) Sugar Glider Forage Toy’s Cup /(現貨)蜜袋鼯杯子玩具空杯

RM 0.50

數量 Quantity :

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

4.3cm x 4cmH x 3cm

重量 Weight :


材質 Material :


✅ 已經在底部開洞,可以穿鏈子做成玩具。Opened hole at base to make as forage toys.

✅ 可以自行更換已經破損,骯髒的杯子。Able to change spoiled or dirty cup at the toys using currently.

⚠️ 杯子易碎,屬於消耗品,愛啃咬的蜜蜜請謹慎給予。Fragile, wear and tear item. Please be caution for sugar gliders that like to bite.