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(Ready Stock) Sugar Glider First Aid Kit / (現貨)蜜袋鼯急救包

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1套 1 Set

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Sugar glider always know how to hide their sickness and it cause most of the owner being panic when emergency happened.

First aid kit prepared medication that suitable for basic emergency case.

急救包備有 First Aid Kit Included :

✅ 急救包袋子1個 First Aid Bag 1piece

✅ 葡萄糖30克 Glucose 30grams

✅ 黑炭藥丸4顆 Charcoal Tablets 4tablets

✅ 1毫升無針針筒3支 1ml Syringe Without Needles 3nos

✅ 黃藥水30毫升 Iodine 30ml

✅ 棉花球1包 Cotton Balls 1pack

✅ 棉花棒10支 Cotton Buds 10nos

✅ 繃帶1卷 Bandage 1roll

✅ 醫用膠帶1卷 Surgical Tape 1roll

應對症狀 First Aid Usage:

缺水/脫水 Dehydration

1. 用量匙葡萄糖和水以1:10比例沖泡,用針筒或滴管餵食。Mix Glucose and water with 1:10 ratio using measuring spoon then feed using syring or dropper.

- 1:10比例例如:1ml粉加10ml水;2ml粉加20ml水,以此類推。1:10 ratio example: 1ml glucose mix with 10ml water ; 2ml glucose mix with 20ml water.

排毒(吃了野生壁虎,蟑螂等等的生物)Detoxification (Ate creatures such as wild geckos, cockroaches, etc.)

1. 黑炭丸拿出一顆,切成4份。Get 1 tablet of Charcoal Tablet, cut into 4 pieces.

2. 拿切好的1/4顆混合0.5ml水。溶解后,用針筒或滴管餵食0.2ml。Take 1/4 to mix with 0.5ml water to dissolve. Use syringe or dropper to feed the sugar glider 0.2ml.

3. 療程1天2次,維持2天。Treatment twice a day, remain 2 days.

輕外傷(重傷請立即帶去看獸醫)Minor Trauma (Major trauma please refer to Vet ASAP):

1. 用棉花粒按壓止血。Stop the bleeding with cotton ball by pressing on the wound.

2. 用Biosilver(自備)清洗傷口,幫助消毒。用棉花棒沾黃藥水,擦在傷口上以及周邊位置。Use Biosilver (Own Prepared) to spray on the wound directly to sanitize. Then, use cotton bud dip iodine to apply on the wound and side of the wound.

- 這步驟處理一天兩次。This step repeat twice a day.

3. 若蜜蜜會舔咬傷口處,務必戴上頭套。If your sugar glider will groom on their wound, please wear e-collar.

4. 務必分籠,避免其他同伴舔咬傷口。Strongly suggest to separate the sugar glider to avoid colonies groom on the wound.

5. 若傷口影響攀爬能力,請安置蜜蜜在矮小的籠子。If the wound affected sugar glider climbing, please place the sugar glider in small cage.

* 綳帶需要經驗人士檢視傷口才決定是否需要使用。(傷口需要通風)Bandages usage depend on the wound condition. May ask experienced owner. (Wound can heal faster without covering sometimes)