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(Ready Stock) U.S. Exotic Nutrition Vitaglow Sugar Glider Supplement / (現貨)美國Exotic Nutrition蜜袋鼯營養補充劑

RM 35.00

數量 Quantity : 

1支 1 Bottle

份量 Volume :

2盎司 2 Ounces

產品概要 Product Overview : 

Exotic Nutrition VitaGlow 是一種適用於所有動物的全天然液體營養補充劑,讓寵物擁有健康、閃亮的皮毛。 VitaGlow 含有天然的維生素 E,B12,卵磷脂,生物素和亞麻籽油,所有這些都是最原始的形式,以增加日常飲食中維生素和營養素的吸收,改善整體健康。自然加工,沒有化學物質或加熱,以保存所含的 Omega 3 和 6 脂肪酸(配方的 57%),在細胞水平上補充你的寵物,讓它們更有活力,毛髮更亮,任何脫落或皮毛斑塊都會減少,同時讓它們的免疫系統更強大。

Exotic Nutrition’s VitaGlow is an all-natural liquid feed supplement for all animals, that gives pets more than just a healthy, shiny coat from the inside out. VitaGlow contains naturally occurring vitamin E, B12, lecithin, biotin, and flaxseed oil, all in their rawest form to increase the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in the daily diet and improve overall health. It is processed naturally, without chemicals or heat, to preserve the Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids it contains (57% of the formula), which supplements your pet on a cellular level. They'll be more energetic, their coat will be shinier, any shedding or fur patches will diminish, and their immune system will be stronger.

  • 經證明還可以治療皮膚狀況、嗜睡和免疫缺陷。Proven to also remedy skin conditions, lethargy, and immune deficiency.
  • 自然加工,無化學製品或加熱。Processed naturally, without chemicals or heat.
  • 三個星期就夠了!只需在他們的食物上添加推薦量,就會開始看到差異。Three weeks is all it takes! Just add the recommended amount on top of their food and you’ll start to see the difference.
  • 對於處於壓力之下,成長中,哺乳期,體重不足,生活在乾燥氣候中的寵物或似乎沒有以前活力的動物來說尤其重要。Especially important for pets that are under stress, growing, lactating, underweight, living in a dry climate, or animals that don’t seem to have the vigor they once had.

餵食方法 Feeding Instruction :



For sugar gliders, hedgehogs, degus, squirrels, rats, and other small mammals: Mix one pump into food every other day.

For chinchillas, guinea pigs, skunks, opossums, prairie dogs, rabbits, and other larger animals: Mix two pumps into food every other day. 

材料 Ingredients :

大豆油,亞麻籽油,卵磷脂,菸酸補充劑,生物素,維生素 B12 補充劑,天然蘋果香精,混合生育酚(維生素 E 防腐劑)。

Soybean Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Lecithin, Niacin Supplement, Biotin, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Natural Apple Flavor, Mixed Tocopherol (Vitamin E Preservative).


營養分析 Guaranteed Analysis:

粗脂肪/總脂肪酸 98.0%(最低),不皂化物 2.0%(最高),不溶性雜質 1.0%(最高),游離脂肪酸 0.5%(最高),維生素 E 250 IU/LB(最低),維生素 B12 337MCG /LB (min),水分 0.5% (max),亞油酸 / Omega 6 脂肪酸 48.0% (min),亞麻酸 / Omega 3 脂肪酸 8.0% (min)。

Crude Fat / Total Fatty Acids 98.0% (min), Unsaponifiable Matter 2.0% (max), Insoluble Impurities 1.0% (max), Free Fatty Acids 0.5% (max), Vitamin E 250 IU/LB (min), Vitamin B12 337MCG/LB (min), Moisture 0.5% (max), Linoleic acid / Omega 6 Fatty Acid 48.0% (min),  Linolenic Acid / Omega 3 Fatty Acid 8.0% (min).


儲藏方法 Storage Instructions:


Keep in a cool place, out of direct sunlight.

✅ 補充營養,提高免疫力。Supplement for sugar glider for stronger immune system.

✅ 減少毛髮脫落,提升毛髮光澤。Any shedding or fur patches will diminish and increase shinier coat.