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(Ready Stock) U.S. Exotic Nutrition Glider-Cal Sugar Glider Calcium Supplement /(現貨)美國Exotic Nutrition蜜袋鼯鈣粉

RM 22.00

數量 Quantity : 

1包 / 1罐

1 Pack / 1 Can

份量 Volume :

分裝 Repack 50grams

分裝 Repack 100grams

原罐裝 Original Can 99grams

分裝 - 從 Exotic Nutrition 原厰直接購入一大包(越大包越便宜),再分裝成指定數量。成本較低,所以售價相對較低。

原罐裝 - 從 Exotic Nutrition 原厰購入後,直接售賣。

Repack - We make bulk purchase from Exotic Nutrition with lower price and repack into certain volume. Lower cost price so selling price lower too.

Original Can - We direct purchase from Exotic Nutrition and sell without any packing changing.

產品概要 Product Overview : 

Exotic Nutrition 的 Glider-Cal 鈣粉專為不同年齡段的蜜袋鼯設計。在蜜袋鼯的蔬果飲食中,磷的含量通常比鈣的含量多。高磷會從他們的骨骼中提取鈣質,使骨骼變脆。缺鈣會使蜜袋鼯生病,進而導致後腿麻痺癱瘓。

Exotic Nutrition's Glider-Cal Calcium Supplement is designed specifically for Sugar Gliders of various ages. Sugar glider's diet of fruits and vegetables contains inverse amounts of phosphorous to calcium. High phosphorus extracts calcium from their bones, making the bones brittle. Calcium deficiency will make your glider sick, then will cause hind leg paralysis. Hind leg paralysis can be very common in gliders who do not have a calcium supplement like Glider-Cal.

  • 適合經常攝取過多磷而缺鈣的蜜袋鼯。Perfect for sugar gliders with lower calcium in relation to phosphorus intake.
  • 有助於預防蜜袋鼯常見的缺鈣和後腿癱瘓。Helps prevent calcium deficiency and hind leg paralysis common to gliders.
  • 無磷,適合灑在蔬果和昆蟲飲食上的超細粉末。Phosphorous-free, ultra-fine powder for daily coating of fruits & insects.

餵食方法 Feeding Instruction :

灑約 250 毫克。 (一小撮)在高磷食物上。將 Glider-Cal 與 Glider Booster 維生素補充劑混合將帶來最佳效果。每磅食物加入 1 茶匙 Glider-Cal 與 1 茶匙 Glider Booster 混合。

⚠️ 請自行拿捏份量,過多鈣質對蜜蜜腎臟會造成負擔。

Sprinkle about 250 mg. (pinch between fingers) over food daily. Mixing Glider-Cal with Glider Booster vitamin supplement will bring optimum results. Mix 1 teaspoon of Glider-Cal with 1 teaspoon of Glider Booster per pound of food.  

⚠️Please take caution on the volume given. Too much calcium will cause kidney stones for sugar glider.

營養分析 Guaranteed Analysis:

碳酸鈣 96.5%(元素鈣 38%),碳酸鎂 3.5%

Calcium Carbonate 96.5% (Elemental Calcium 38%), Magnesium Carbonate 3.5%

儲藏方法 Storage Instructions: 


Keep in cool dry place.