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(Ready Stock) Sugar Glider Apple Wood Chew Sticks / (現貨)蜜袋鼯蘋果木

RM 10.00

數量 Quantity : 

1罐 1 Can

份量 Volume :



產品概要 Product Overview : 

  • 天然蘋果木烘乾曬乾製成。Made by natural apple wood.
  • 適合5-7個月牙癢期的蜜袋鼯啃咬。Suitable for 5-7 months old growing teeth sugar gliders.
  • 偶爾啃咬,含有潔牙功能。Help to clean teeth when giving occasionally.

餵食方法 Feeding Instruction :


Give 1 stick directly or use rope that safe for sugar glider nails to tie the apple woods up to make a ladder as toys for climb and chew.

注意事項 Caution :


Sugar glider will spit the sawdust and cause messiness. Please feed in cage or some place that is easy to clean up.

材料 Ingredients :

蘋果木 Apple Wood

儲藏方法 Storage Instructions: 


Keep dry and keep in air tight container to help avoid humid.