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(Ready Stock) Stainless Steel 304 Sugar Glider Mini Travel Cage /(現貨)白鋼304蜜袋鼯迷你外出籠

RM 185.00

數量 Quantity :

1套 1 Set

材質 Material :

白鋼304 Stainless Steel 304

ABS塑料 ABS Plastic

尺寸 Size :

單層 Single Layer - 大約 Around 27cmL x 27cmW x 33cmH

雙層 Double Layer - 大約 Around 27cmL x 27cmL x 60cmH

間隙 Gap - Around 0.8cm

✅ 邊邊圓滑,不割手。Smooth side and edge avoid hurting hand.

✅ 附帶把手,方便攜帶。With handle, convenient to bring along.

✅ 白鋼304,不怕生銹。Stainless steel 304 avoid rusting problem.

✅ 魔片籠子設計,方便掛水壺,透氣,更換損壞配件。Grid cage design, convenient for hanging water bottle, ventilation, change if part broken.