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(Ready Stock) Stainless Steel 304 Nano Coated 30cmD EasyFix Sugar Glider Running Wheel /(現貨)白鋼304納米上色直徑30厘米蜜袋鼯快裝跑輪

RM 450.00

數量 Quantity :

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

直徑 Diameter - 30cm

跑道 Runway - 12cm

跑輪背面和籠子間距 Distance between back of wheel to cage - 4cm

材質 Material :

白鋼304 Stainless Steel 304

納米漆 Nano Coating

太空鋁 Space Aluminium

✅ 分離式設計,方便拆卸安裝。Easy to remove and assemble for cleaning purpose.

✅ 跑輪直徑以及跑道寬度專門為蜜袋鼯設計。Diameter and runway size of wheel suitable for sugar gliders.

✅ 納米上色 - 顏色特別漂亮,不黏食物便便,容易清理。Nano coated - Special color look more elegant. Not easy to attached poop and food, easy for cleaning.

⚠️ 可能會有製作工藝上產生的小瑕疵,例如:色差,小顆粒,掛鈎點。不影響使用,恕不退貨退款。Might have some defect such as: discolored, small particles that will not affect the function of wheel. Return and refund are not acceptable.