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(Ready Stock) Special Series Sleep Set for Sugar Glider /(現貨)特色系列睡窩套裝

RM 110.00

數量 Quantity :

1套 1 Set

尺寸 Size :


Handmade products, size might vary.

材質 Material :

棉布 Cotton

豆豆絨 Minky

珊瑚絨 Fleece

棉球 Cotton Ball

壓克力 Acrylic

✅ 布料舒服通風,不勾蜜蜜指甲。Comfortable fabric safe for sugar glider nails.

✅ 顏色多彩漂亮,適合做籠子裝飾。Colorful, perfect for cage decorations.

⚠️ 照片只供參考,有些零件缺貨會以其他款式代替。Photo for reference only, some of accessories out of stock will replace with other type.

⚠️ 套裝不包括籠子以及燈飾。Set is not including cage and lights.