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(Ready Stock) NuoNuo Ceramic Triple Square Plate /(現貨)糯糯三格方形陶瓷碗

RM 26.00

數量 Quantity : 

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

21.5cmL x 7cmW x 3.5cmH

材質 Material:

陶瓷 Ceramic

🌟 市場少見的蜜袋鼯圖案。Sugar glider designed pattern.

✅ 足夠的厚度和重量,能夠避免蜜蜜打翻食物。Thick and heavy to prevent sugar gliders overturn the bowl and food.

✅ 適合裝蔬果,乾糧,液體(HPW或奶粉)等等。Suitable to place fruits and vege, dry food, liquid (HPW or Milk Replacer) etc

✅ 高度符合蜜蜜食盆高度,不會導致蜜蜜駝背。Height is completely suitable for comfort of sugar gliders.

✅ 耐高溫 - 可以用來蒸煮蜜袋鼯食品。High temperature resistance - Able to use for steaming food for sugar gliders.

⚠️ 禁止直接接觸明火。No direct contact with fire.