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(Ready Stock) Marukan CASA Chicken Puree Sugar Glider Snacks / (現貨)Marukan CASA蜜袋鼯雞肉泥零食

RM 10.00

數量 Quantity : 

1支 / 1包

1 Piece / 1 Pack

份量 Volume :

1支 1 Piece - 8grams

1包 1 Pack - 5支 5 Pieces

產品概要 Product Overview :

  • 親手餵食的交流零食,適合培養感情。Handfeed snack, suitable to use when bonding.
  • 軟性零食,適合咀嚼力弱的蜜蜜食用。Soft snack suitable for weak chewing pets.
  • 不含人造色料以及防腐劑。No artificial colors and preservatives.
  • 適合小寵,如:蜜袋鼯,刺蝟和雪貂。Suitable for small pets such as sugar gliders, hedgehogs and ferrets.

餵食方法 Feeding Instruction :


Open the tearing line to feed.

材料 Ingredients :


Meat (Chicken), Vegetable Fats and Oils, Rice Flour, Scallop Extract, Sugars (Oligosaccharides), Fruit Juice (Apple Juice, Mango Juice), Matcha Paste, Minerals (Calcium Phosphate), Vitamins (Vitamin A, Vitamin D3), Thickening Stabilizer (Thickening Polysaccharide), Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Acidulant, Coloring (Keratin)

營養分析 Guaranteed Analysis:

每100克:粗蛋白質6.3%以上,粗脂肪1.5% 以上,粗纖維0.2%以下,粗灰分3.2%以下,水份90.9%以下

Every 100grams : Crude Protein 6.3% or more, Crude Fat 1.5% or more, Crude Fiber 0.2% or less, Crude Ash 3.2% or less, Moisture 90.9% or less.

儲藏方法 Storage Instructions: 



Keep in room under temperature 25 Celcius and below. Avoid direct sunlight.

Once opened and unable to finish, keep in air tight container. Then keep in chiller and arrange to finish as soon as possible.

✅ 日本原裝進口。Imported directly from Japan.

✅ 分開包裝 - 乾淨衛生,可以分多次餵食。Single packing - Hygiene and easy feeding by separated pack.

✅ 接受度高 - 親近餵食能夠培養感情。High acceptance - Feed by hand can bond at the same time.

⚠️ 雞肉屬於高磷食物,加上這是零食,不是正餐。請勿過量餵食,避免造成肥胖並記得額外補鈣!Chicken is a high phosphorus food and it is a snack. Do not over feed that might cause obesity or other health problem. Remember feed calcium food afterwards!