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(Ready Stock) Special Design Sugar Glider Climbing Toys / (現貨)特別設計蜜袋鼯攀爬玩具

RM 25.00

數量 Quantity : 

1個 1 Unit

材質 Material:

食品級PP材質 Food Grade PP Material

塑料 Plastic

亞克力 Acrylic

✅ 嬰兒等級塑料玩具 - 耐用耐咬,可以清洗,不會像木料留下污漬和臭味。Baby Grade Toy - Last longer and safe to bite, washable, unlike wood with stain and smelly.

✅ 設計特別 - 適合裝飾籠子。Special Design - Suitable for cage decoration.

✅ 可供蜜蜜攀爬啃咬。Able to let sugar glider climb and bite.