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(Ready Stock Free Shipping WM) Double Layer Seperate with Big Door and Roller Sugar Glider Cage / (現貨西馬包郵)雙隔層大門帶輪蜜袋鼯籠子

RM 488.00

數量 Quantity : 

1套 1 Set

材質 Material :

鐵 Mild Steel

尺寸 Size :

籠子整體 Whole Cage - 48cmL x 48cmW x 123cmH

網格間距 Gap - 0.9-1cm

顔色選擇 Color Option :

網片 Panel - 白色,黑色,粉色。White, Black, Pink.

卡扣 Buckle - 白色,黑色,粉色。White, Black and Pink.

托盤 Base Tray - 白色,黑色,粉色,藍色。White, Black, Pink and Blue.

⚠️ 若零件無特別要求換色,將隨機發貨。

⚠️ If do not have any special request to change accessories color, random color will be send.

附送 Free :

✅ 食盆 Food Plate

✅ 滾輪水瓶 Water Bottle with Roller

✅ 彩色小扣子 Climbing Chain

✅ 魔片籠子可以隨意加寬,加高以及分隔。This cage able to separate, make higher or wider.

✅ 可以更換損壞,生銹,顔色或慢慢升級成白鋼304的網片,門以及零件。Able to change rusted, spoiled, colors or upgrade to stainless steel 304 panel, door and accessories.

⚠️ 上下籠子如果是一見面就互相打架的蜜蜜,建議在上層多加一層亞克力板,避免上層蜜蜜的尾巴從籠外往下,被下層的蜜蜜扯咬。If the top and bottom sugar glider will fight, we suggest to add on a layer of acrylic at the top cage to prevent top cage sugar glider's tail pull by bottom cage sugar glider from outside of the cage.

⚠️ 運輸期間難免發生踫撞可能導致鉄籠部份脫漆,底盆受損。若是不影響使用,恕不接受退貨。Transport might cause the cage having paint off or base tray broken problem. If it is not affecting the function, stock return or refund is not available.