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(Ready Stock) Malaysia Chubby Pets Garden Sugar Glider Dry Food / (現貨)馬來西亞Chubby Pets Garden蜜袋鼯乾糧

RM 10.00

數量 Quantity : 

1包 / 1罐

1 Pack / 1 Can

份量 Volume :

試吃裝 Trial Pack 50grams

原罐裝 Original Can 320grams

產品概要 Product Overview :

  • Chubbypetsgarden® 蜜袋鼯配方是一個為蜜袋鼯打造的日常飲食乾糧。Chubbypetsgarden® Sugar Glider Formula is a complete diet design for sugar glider for daily feeding.
  • 乾燥擠壓 - 使用摩擦擠壓力烹煮,代替傳統的蒸煮方式。DRY EXTRUSION PROCESS. The product is cooked using friction and force under pressure, instead of a conventional steam cooking method.

餵食方法 Feeding Instruction :


Feed approximately one ounce (2 tablespoons) of dry per day per sugar glider. The prepared food is an excellent base diet, but should only make up 50% of your sugar glider's daily intake; the balance of the diet should consist of approximately 40% fresh fruits & vegetables. The addition of insects or fresh food is also recommended.

✅ 水果口味接受度較高。剛開始餵食蜜蜜的時候,不確定蜜蜜喜歡什麽口味的話,可以先試試水果口味。Fruity flavor has higher rate of acceptance for sugar glider. If you just start feeding dry food and not sure which flavor to give, can try fruity flavor first.

✅ 偶爾更換其他口味,讓蜜蜜吃得沒那麼膩。Change the flavours some time so that sugar glider will not bored of same flavour.


⚠️ 餵食乾糧要注意蜜蜜喝水量避免脫水。Make sure your sugar glider drink more water after dry food feeding to prevent dehydration.

⚠️ 此產品乾糧顆粒稍微硬一些,不適合太年幼的蜜寶寶或牙齒有問題的蜜蜜食用。建議蜜蜜出袋3-4個月以上食用。This product is slightly harder that might not suitable to young joeys and sugar glider with teeth problem. Suggested feeding age is after 3-4months out of pouch.