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(Ready Stock) China Ankou Container for Sugar Glider Food Keeping /(現貨)中國安扣蜜袋鼯食物收納罐

RM 10.00

數量 Quantity :

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

250ml - 80mm x 80mm x 85.5mm

700ml - 110mm x 109mm

800ml - 130mm x 108mm

1000ml - 110mm x 162mm

材質 Material :


✅ 250ml - 適合裝蜜袋鼯零食,方便攜帶外出。Suitable to keep sugar glider snack when going out for travel.

✅ 700ml, 800ml, 1000ml - 罐身避光,適合裝粉類食物,防塵防潮。Dark container body to avoid sunlight. Suitable for powder form food, avoid dust and humidity.