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(Ready Stock) Carno Brand Sugar Glider Running Ball / (現貨)Carno牌蜜袋鼯跑球

RM 60.00

數量 Quantity : 

1個 1 Unit

尺寸 Size :

直徑 Diameter 33cm

✅ 適合蜜袋鼯的尺寸。Suitable size for sugar glider.

✅ 可以自行組裝拆卸。Able to assemble by owner.

⚠️ 勿在高溫曝曬環境下使用,避免蜜寶脫水。Do not use under high temperature and under direct sunlight to prevent dehydration of sugar glider.

⚠️ 使用前讓蜜寶充分運動排便。Make sure your sugar glider done potty before playing.

⚠️ 每次使用不超過30分鐘為佳。Suggested playing time : 30mins only.

⚠️ 使用前確保周圍環境安全。Make sure in safe environment before using running ball.