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(Ready Stock) Biosilver Multi-purpose Solution (Sugar Glider Nano Water) / (現貨)Biosilver蜜袋鼯洗澡消毒水

RM 34.00

數量 Quantity : 

1支 1 Bottle

份量 Volume :



產品好處 Health Benefits :

✅ 消滅細菌,真菌和病毒。Kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.

✅ 消除650種有害細菌和微生物(例如:MRSA,大腸杆菌,金黃色葡萄球菌)。Eliminates 650 types of harmful bacteria and microbes (eg. MRSA, E. coli, Staph. aureus).

✅ 促進傷口快速愈合和組織再生。Promotes rapid wound healing and tissue regeneration.

✅ 增強免疫系統和整體健康。Enhances immune system and general well-being.

✅ 去除難聞的氣味和口臭。Removes unpleasant odors and bad breath.

✅ 緩解皮膚過敏,炎症和蚊蟲叮咬。Relieves skin allergies, inflammations and insect bites.

✅ 攝入無毒。Non-toxic when ingested.

✅ 可在嘴巴,鼻子和眼睛周圍安全使用。Safe to use around the mouth, nose and eyes.

✅ 無副作用。No side effects.

✅ 對敏感肌膚無過敏性以及溫和。Non-allergenic and gentle to sensitive skin.

✅ 使用方便,無需稀釋或沖洗。Convenient to use with no dilution or rinsing required.

✅ 適合狗狗,貓咪,鳥類和其它小寵。Suitable for all breeds of dog, cat, bird and small animal.

使用方式 Direction of Use :

蜜袋鼯 Sugar Glider:

1. 蜜蜜洗澡 - 用扭乾的濕布擦蜜蜜身體後,噴灑在蜜蜜毛髮,再用乾布將蜜蜜身體擦乾。Sugar Glider Bathing - Spray on sugar gliders fur on their wet fur then dry by using dry cloth.

2. 傷口消毒 - 若蜜蜜身上有輕傷,可以噴灑在傷口上幫助消毒和傷口癒合。(還是要注意別讓蜜蜜去舔咬傷口喔!重傷還是會建議帶去看醫生 ⚠️)Wound Healing - If there’s minor trauma on your sugar glider, spray directly to the wound to help sanitise and healing. (Avoid sugar glider to lick or bite on their wound. Bring them to vet if major trauma ⚠️)

3. 用具消毒 - 直接噴灑在玩具或籠子等等即可。Sanitation Toy or Cages - Spray directly on their toys, accessories and cage for sanitise.

適用於所有品種的狗、貓和小動物 Suitable for all breeds of dog, cat and small animal :

1. 對於紅點,皮膚刺激和昆蟲叮咬:每天噴灑受影響區域3到4次,持續 2 天。之後每天2次。For hot spots, skin irritations and insect bites: Spray directly to the affected area 3 to 4 times daily for 2 days and then twice daily thereafter.

2. 對於割傷,燒傷和擦傷:每天2次直接噴灑在患處。For cuts, burns and abrasions: Spray directly to the affected area twice daily.

3. 傷口癒合:使用前用乾淨的溫水清洗傷口,去除碎屑和污垢。每天2次直接噴在傷口上。每天根據傷口情況治療。如果需要,使用乾淨的紗布敷葯。For wound healing: Cleanse the wound with clean warm water to remove debris and dirt before application. Spray directly to the wound twice daily. Treat daily as needed. Apply clean gauze dressing if needed.

4. 對於口腔潰瘍,牙齦疼痛,蛀牙和口臭:每天2次直接噴入口腔。For mouth ulcers, sore gums, tooth decay and bad breath: Spray directly into the mouth twice daily.

5. 用於梳理和清潔:沐浴後直接噴灑在毛皮,身體和爪子上。晾乾或直接塗抹在眼睛或鼻子上以去除滲出物。For grooming and cleaning: Spray directly to the hair coat, body and paw after bathing and allow to dry or apply directly onto the eyes or nose to remove exudates.

6. 用於控制感染和消毒(例如玩具,碗,床具):需要時直接噴灑到籠子或配件上。For infection control and sanitization (eg. toys, bowls, beddings): Spray directly to the cage or accessories when needed. 

材料 Ingredients :

Nano Silver 30ppm