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(Pre-Order) GliderSLURP Sugar Glider Frozen Diet / (預購)GliderSLURP 蜜袋鼯冷凍食譜

RM 28.00

數量 Quantity : 

1盒 1 Box

產品概要 Product Overview : 

  • 增加體重 - 主要是提供更好的營養,以便蜜袋鼯的身體和整體更健康。Increase body weight – mainly give better nutrition so the glider’s body and overall health.
  • 增加毛髮生長 - 改善營養不良導致的脫毛。Increase fur growth – Hairloss from poor nutrition can be helped.
  • 骨骼發育 - 對於骨骼小或脆弱的幼崽,GliderSLURP 可以通過額外的鈣來增加骨質密度。Bone development – For young joeys that have thin or fragile bones, GliderSLURP can increase bone mass from the additional calcium.
  • 肌肉發育 - 可以增加肌肉量以獲得更強壯的身體。Muscle development – Can increase muscle mass for a stronger full-bodied glider.
  • 有助於腹瀉和便秘 - 高含水量有助於便秘,高纖維含量有助於改善水樣便。Helps in diarrhea and constipation – The high moisture content helps with constipation and the high fiber content helps with watery poo.
  • 改善皮膚和毛髮狀況 - 添加 Omega 3 和 Omega 6 油以及大西洋海帶有助於改善皮膚健康和毛髮健康,讓蜜袋鼯擁有柔軟蓬鬆的毛髮。Improve skin and fur condition – The addition of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils and Atlantic Kelp helps in improving skin health and fur health, leaving gliders with soft and fluffy fur.
  • 提高繁殖頻率 - 活躍的蜜袋鼯將更頻繁地繁殖並產下健康的蜜寶寶。Improves breeding frequency – Active breeding gliders will breed more often and produce very well-formed big joeys.

餵食方法 Feeding Instruction :

1. 準備冰格(建議有蓋的)以及量匙(1匙/15ml)。Prepare ice cube tray (prefer with cover) and measuring spoon (1tbsp/15ml). 

2. 讓GliderSLURP稍微解凍。Defrost the GliderSLURP lightly. 

3. 用量匙分入冰格內,建議一格1平匙。(一隻蜜蜜食量大約1-2匙)。Divide into ice cube tray. Suggest 1tbsp per cube. (1glider volume 1-2tbsp). 

4. 放回冷凍庫冰凍。Put back to freezer to freeze. 

5. 當你準備晚餐的時候,拿出要餵食的顆粒份量解凍。When you’re ready to feed, take the cube with the volume you want to feed to defrost. 

6. 解凍融化後即可餵食。Ready to serve after defrost. 

材料 Ingredients :

純果汁,水果和/或蔬菜(查看口味列表),煮熟的雞肉,煮熟的全蛋,小麥胚芽,燕麥片,4 種穀物和穀物,高纖維膳食,酸奶,蛋白粉,馬鈴薯,大西洋海帶,亞麻籽粉,維生素和礦物質補充劑,鈣,維生素 E,Omega-3 和 Omega-6 油。

Pure fruit juice, fruits and/or vegetables (Look at flavour listing), Cooked chicken, cooked whole eggs, wheat germ, rolled oats, 4 kinds of cereal and grains, high fibre meal, yogurt, protein powder, potato, Atlantic Kelp, flaxseed meal, vitamin and mineral supplements, calcium, vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 oils.

儲藏方式 Storage Intruction :


Keep in freezer. Freezing can last long for 6 months.

✅ 無防腐劑。No preservation. 

✅ 無人造添加物。No artificial additives. 

✅ 縮短食物準備的時間。Shorten food preparation time. 

✅ 適合各個年齡層的蜜袋鼯。Suitable for almost all ages sugar gliders. 

⚠️ 東馬無法寄送。East Malaysia unable to ship.️

⚠️ 由於此商品使用冷凍運輸,請勿與其他商品一起下單。Please separate the order with other item due to this product will be send by using frozen express.️

⚠️ 如果你在巴生谷地區以外,請提供地區以及郵區號碼確認冷凍郵寄的郵費。If you are not in Klang Valley, kindly provide your area and post code number to double confirm the frozen delivery shipping fee.️

⭐️ 巴生谷地區可以使用Grab,Lalamove或安排面交,可以聯係我們。Klang Valley can arrange Grab, Lalamove or Cash On Delivery.️ May contact us for further assistance.

❤️ 一次購買20盒或以上免郵。Purchase 20boxes or above per order free shipping.️

❤️ 蕉賴區可以安排面交。COD is available in Cheras area.️