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(Pre-Order) Frozen Blended HPW for Sugar Gliders Protein Supplement /(預購)蜜袋鼯冷凍HPW食譜

RM 45.00

數量 Quantity : 

1盒 / 2盒1套

1 Box / 2 Boxes Per Set

產品概要 Product Overview : 

  • 補充蜜袋鼯日常所需的蛋白質。Protein supplement for sugar gliders that daily need.
  • 增加體重 - 獲得很多蜜袋鼯體重增加的評價,適合過瘦的蜜袋鼯食用。Gain weight - Received a lot of review regarding their sugar gliders weight increase after feeding.
  • 方便餵食 - 已經混合好的冷凍食譜,只需存放在冷凍櫃,挖出想要餵食的份量,解凍即可餵食。Easy to feed - Just keep in freezer. Scoop the volume want to feed, leave thaw then feed.
  • 適合出袋滿2個月以上的蜜袋鼯以及懷孕的蜜袋鼯。Suitable for out of pouch sugar gliders above 2 months and lactating sugar gliders.
  • 兩种牌子,兩种味道 - 偶爾更換牌子,讓蜜袋鼯不會吃膩。Two brand with different smell - Can change brand to feed sometimes to avoid they feel bored with same flavor.

餵食方法 Feeding Instruction :


Scoop the volume want to feed, leave thaw then feed.

材料 Ingredients :

倍力寵恩素 / Critter Love® Plus,新鮮雞蛋,天然蜂花粉,天然蜂蜜,飲用水。

Bluebay High Protein Supplement / Critter Love® Plus, Fresh Whole Eggs, Natural Bee Pollen, Natural Honey, Drinking Water.

儲藏方式 Storage Intruction :


Keep in freezer. Freezing can last long for 6 months. 

⚠️ 東馬無法寄送。East Malaysia unable to ship.️

⚠️ 由於此商品使用冷凍運輸,請勿與其他商品一起下單。Please separate the order with other item due to this product will be send by using frozen express.️

⚠️ 如果你在巴生谷地區以外,請提供地區以及郵區號碼確認冷凍郵寄的郵費。If you are not in Klang Valley, kindly provide your area and post code number to double confirm the frozen delivery shipping fee.️

⭐️ 巴生谷地區可以使用Grab,Lalamove或安排面交,可以聯係我們。Klang Valley can arrange Grab, Lalamove or Cash On Delivery.️ May contact us for further assistance.

❤️ 一次購買20盒或以上免郵。Purchase 20boxes or above per order free shipping.️

❤️ 蕉賴區可以安排面交。COD is available in Cheras area.️